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INTER-TEL EncoreCX Phone System Warranty

The Inter-tel 3000 and EncoreCX warranty is effective for eighteen (18) months from the date of purchase from the
Authorized Wholesale Distributor. Inter-Tel warrants that its products will, if delivered to the end user
in undamaged condition, be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal
use and service for the period set forth on the current warranty periods as published. During this
warranty period defective products may also be returned for repair and/or replacement.

Product Return Options

Inter-Tel offers three types of warranty and repair return options:

  • Bad out of Box (BOB) Advance Replacement - Advance replacement for products found
    defective in the field within thirty (30) days of purchase.
  • Advance Replacement - Advance replacement for system critical product (i.e. CCU, power
    supply, etc.) found defective in the field after 30 days regardless of warranty status. There is
    a fee of $100.00 USD per item when this option is utilized.
  • Repair - Return of non-system critical defective equipment for repair regardless of warranty
    status. Products are repaired, refurbished and returned.

In-Warranty Return Procedures

In the event that product is found to be defective, dealers/installers must contact Inter-Tel
Technical Support to log a MRA Trouble Ticket with an Inter-Tel technician.

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Please note: The Inter-Tel technician may require additional onsite troubleshooting be performed
by the dealer/installer prior to Inside Sales issuing the return authorization number. Inter-Tel
technicians DO NOT issue return authorization numbers.

Only Certified Technicians may contact Inter-Tel Technical Support at 1-800-397-9159 for
EncoreCX technical assistance from Inter-Tel during standard business hours (8:00AM - 5:00PM
Arizona Mountain Standard Time) for assistance outside standard business hours, a voice mail
message may be left and escalated callback options are available for after-hour assistance.

Once a valid MRA Trouble Ticket number has been issued to the dealer/installer the dealer
should contact their Distributor for an exchange of product. Defective products must be returned
in their original or equivalent packaging and include a description of the problem attached to the
defective product. Any incorrect packaged returns may delay the credit process or be rejected by
the Distributor.

The Distributor may elect to charge the Dealer's account the amount equal to the cost of the
product; this amount will be credited back to the Dealer's account once the equipment is
accepted and credited by Inter-Tel. Inter-Tel is neither responsible nor liable for transactions
between the authorized EncoreCX Distributors and their Dealers.

In-Warranty or Out-of-Warranty Depot Repair Procedures

All products returned for repair outside of warranty are subject to a fee. The dealer may have the
Distributor contact Inter-Tel for the repair fees in advance of sending in the equipment.

The Distributor may add shipping and handling costs to all warranty work performed.

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Monday - Friday
Pacific Time

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