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MITEL 3000 INTER-TEL 3000 Phone System Pricing

Mitel/INTER-TEL 3000 Phone System Starter Kit
849.00                                    add to cart 

  Includes one Mitel/Inter-Tel 3000 CCU base unit with 8 extension connections,

1) 2-port CO line module for expansion to accept 2 incoming lines,
2) EncoreCX ECX1000 display telephones in color charcoal,
and local system maintenance and programming software.

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Mitel/Intertel 3000 Control Unit

The CCU contains the system processor, power supply, optional power supply, connections for 8 telephones and 2 CO lines, remote programming and maintenance interface.

Inter-Tel Digital Phones  Model ECX 1000 Intertel ECX 1000 Display Telephone

The ECX 1000 is a digital telephone with eight programmable keys for access to the features you use most. The ECX 1000 also provides display-driven menus, caller ID information and speakerphone functionality, creating a productive call-handling environment.

Mitel 3000 IP Starter Kit

Mitel 3000 IP Starter Kit

999.00                                    add to cart 

1) Mitel 3000 Broadband Module
1) Mitell 3000 IP Phone

Compatible with the Mitel 3000 and Intertel Phone System only.  Will not Work with any other Phone System.


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