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INTER-TEL 3000 Control Unit

INTER-TEL 3000 Control Unit

The Intertel 3000 Control Unit (CCU) Contains:

The Intertel 3000 control unit comes pre-configured for 0 lines in X 8 phones and has the capacity to grow to 4 lines in X 8 phones with the addition of 2) 2-port CO modules and with out the back plane or any expansion modules installed.

With the Back Plane installed up to 4 ports modules can be added.  Each ports module is pre-configured 0 lines in X 8 phones.  Each additional ports module can support up to 2) 2-port CO modules.

The INTER-TEL 3000 Control Unit is the same price as if you purchased the INTER-TEL 3000 starter kit with 2 phones and 1) 2-port CO module.

The system processor, power supply, a battery backup, connectors for phone lines, slots for line and voice mail module cartridges, remote programming and maintenance interface.

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